100 year old James (Jim) Harris of Edmonton, Alberta BLOG #20 July 7, 2019

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Jim Harris of #460, 4480 McCrae Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta (July 7, 2019)

On July 7, 2019 I enjoyed a 3 hour visit with Jim HARRIS, the 100 year old son of my great aunt Emma Marie (HUMBKE) HARRIS. At 25 years younger that Jim, I can just hope that my memory is as good as his is at 100 years.

Jim was of heavy heart as his 95 year old wife (Lucy Marie COWAN) of 36 years had a serious fall in their kitchen and was in the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton. One of his daughters (Margaretta) was on her way from Calgary to take her dad to visit Lucy.

Jim told me that for his 100th birthday, ön 11FEB2019, he hosted two parties: one for residents of the independent living facility where he and Lucy have lived for the past for years; and one for all his relatives and friends. Being an avid square dancer he hired the “Rippling River Dance Band” and once more enjoyed dancing with his wife and others.

Beside always having physically active jobs (farming and construction), Jim never smoked and seldom drank alcohol.

Greeting and congratulations were received from the Edmonton Mayor, the Premier of Alberta, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Queen and many others.

One week ago I had met with Margaret HARRIS daughter of Jim’s older brother Walter Edgar HARRIS. Through these two visits I have been motivated to continue with the Humbke Family History Blog and will publish the William Ernest and Emma Marie (HUMBKE) HARRIS family.

That BLOG will complete blogs for the families of seven children of Ernest Dietrich Christian and Sophie Marie Louise (SCHNEPEL) HUMBKE.

Roger HUMBKE with Jim HARRIS (1st cousin of Roger’s father, Lawrence HUMBKE 07JUL2019
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Author: Roger Humbke

I am multifarious, educator/facilitator/entrepreneur who has become more focused on learning new knowledge and skills required to research and write on my family's history. My goals also include developing new attitudes towards a senior's life and on-line business

8 thoughts on “100 year old James (Jim) Harris of Edmonton, Alberta BLOG #20 July 7, 2019”

  1. Hello !!! Sir Roger Humbke. David Aaron Williams here. THANKS!! SOOO much for all of your on our familes. Just a ~note~ i am kin to on my grandmother WILLIAMS (BROWN) side. Also i see that {Clayton Harris} has the same B/d as my mother July 14th. Again many thanks!! Roger, ~~i DO so Enjoy~~ reading about our past ~~FOLKS~~. This would also been {LIKED} by my MOTHER & brother DANIEL J WILLIAMS. WARM REGARDS from.

  2. I remember Jimmy Harris well as a kid – where in the heck is he? Tell him hello from me and that he does have a first cousin that is still living —-(I think). You so kind and dedicated to do all this research work.

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Jim and Lucy have been living for 4 years at #460 4480 McCrae Avenue, Edmonton Alberta. I told him all about our long telephone conversations over the past couple of years. You can see Jim’s place by googling Chartwell Griesbach Retirement Residence. They have the top 4th floor corner unit shown in the photo.

      I enjoyed a wonderful lunch in their dinning room on the Sunday I visited with Jim.


  3. Wow – I didn’t know we had a relative that was 100 years old. Thanks so much Roger for all the write-ups.

    1. Hi Allison,

      It is all the more remarkable that Jim and Lucy are living independently in a spacious two bedroom unit with a full kitchen.

      Chartwell Griesbach is an up-scale Retirement Residence located at 4480-McCrae Ave., Edmonton, Alberta.


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