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Roger, Carrie & Fanny
Roger, Carrie & Fanny Humbke 2015

My name is Roger Albert Humbke and I presently (2020) live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my wife, Liang, Bi Hong (Fanny) and her daughter, Jing, Feng Yi (Carrie) from Guangzhou, China. Fanny is working at the Chinese Seniors Lodge in Edmonton; Carrie is completing a Marketing Degree at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology; and I am fascinated and addicted to researching past/present Humbke ancestors and relatives, Lucid Dreaming, Out-of-Body Experiences; Psychedelics; and Hypnotherapy.

Through the website – https://humbke.com (started in 2016) you will be able to find out who my (our) ancestors (individuals and families) were; when they lived; where they resided; how they spent their life; and what they accomplished.

The families of Lawrence & Marvalin (VANOUCK) HUMBKR family held a reunion  at the David Thompson Resort (West of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta) in July, 2014

Lawrence & Marvaline Humbke clan - July 14, 2014
Lawrence & Marvalin (VANOUCK) HUMBKE (deceased)  clan  July 14, 2014
Louie, Mark, Rosemarie, Bevon, Harvey & Roger Humbke and spouses
Louie, Mark, Rosemarie, Bevon, Harvey & Roger HUMBKE and spouses
Rogerr Humbke with wife Fanny, and daushter Roxanne, Nadean, Naomie, spouses and grandchildren.
Roger HUMBKE with wife Fanny, and daughters Roxanne, Nadean, Naomi, spouses and grandchildren.

I am multifarious, educator/facilitator/entrepreneur who has become more focused on learning new knowledge and skills required to research and write on my family’s history.

My  goals also include developing new attitudes towards a senior’s life and on-line business. The years 2000 to 2012 were spent in China working for the Bank of China, Shenzhen’s Children Hospital, University of Shenzhen, Guangzhou & Shenzhen Daily Newspaper Group, Canadian International School Sanya, JMD Manufacturing Group and other Governmental bodies. Seven of those 12 years were spent developing Canadian High School Programs in Chinese Public High Schools. Our graduates entered English speaking universities, primarily in Canada and the US, and are now employed citizens who are raising families.

My greatest joy in life came when I changed, in the early 1990’s, from being a TEACHER to a FACILITATOR; and was focused on changing STUDENTS into LEARNERS. Learning creates an ENDORPHIN RUSH that becomes an ADDICTION.

Multifarious individuals, like myself, with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are most often high risk takers who crave excitement and change. Although I have been a teacher/principal for 25 years, I have enjoyed life as a hotel owner, commodity broker, real estate salesman, taxi driver, Academy of Learning Franchisee, personal development coach researcher, and started a number of business.

Lucid Dreaming, Out-of-Body experiences, Past Lives, Hypnotheraphy, Spirituality, Online Learning for Seniors, historical fiction, trading gold/silver/ uranium stocks, and travel are just some of my eclectic interests.

Web sites are:





Email: rogerhumbke@hotmail.com

Phone: 780-782-6277

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15 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. HELLO!! SIR Roger Humbke, ( it is the 10th of MAY 2022 ) My wife < MAELENE & i < DAVID A. WILLIAMS live @ ~~ GHOST LAKE VILLAGE~~ west of COCHRANE, ALBERTA. You & i have talked before .~~ My mother was the oldest of the 10 children of {D.E. HUMBKE & HULDA WICKLAND } phone # here @ home ~~is 403~881~2235~~ & we did live in BRAGG CREEK before moving over to the ~GHOST~ SO SO NICE!! to read again about the ~~CALLIES~~ “TREE” THANKS!! Again so much for all of your work. ~~DAVID AARON WILLIAMS~~

    1. Dear David & Marlene,

      I appreciate your replies and hope to meet up with you to discuss family trees and the humbke.com website. Back in 1986 I was principal of the new Morley School and had staff who lived at Ghost Lake Village – a beautiful community.

      Best Regards,
      Roger Humbke

  2. Wow, I am going to have to take my laptop on vacation to go through this novel of work you have produced. Fascinating and well put together with stories not just dry dates and places. Fantastic work Uncle Roger.

    1. Joan,
      It was so nice to hear from you after all the years. Last time I remember seeing you was when you we were riding in Ernie Haukadales (sp?) school bus. At that time I didn’t even realize we were related.
      2nd cousin,
      Roger Humbke

  3. Mr Humbke, your family’s next generation is very lucky to have to learn about family history . Very few people keep track of their family tree.
    That is great story, and amazing pictures ..

    1. Hi Elsie,

      Thanks so much for your gracious comment. For me it is a labor of love and internally rewarding, BUT appreciative comments like yours make it easier to do more. Thanks so much.

      Roger Humbke

  4. Overall it’s a very informative read, although it’s more informative about the topic and why you like instead of about you specifically. Your About Me should detail primarily about you and the things you like outside of searching for your ancestry, or it should detail more about your educational experiences, or work experiences.

    This phrase reads a little awkwardly, “The more I discovered documents in dust, dark basements of court houses;” but otherwise it’s a good read and makes me want to research my own ancestry.

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