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A family tree consisting of 55 pages prepared by Daniel Williams, grandson of Fred and Hulda (WICKLAND) HUMBKE, goes back around 16 generations (400 years) to Tieleke HUMBKE (born between 1616 & 1620).

1. The Seven Members of the Ernest Dietrich Christian HumbkeA rolled-up version of the family tree for Dietrich and Louise (SCHNEPELl) HUMBKE prepared by Dennis GEORGE, grandson of Joe and Mary (HUMBKE) GEORGE, occupies 7 feet on a wall and shows the families of each of Dietrich and Louise (SCHNEPEL) HUMBKE’s 7 children that lived to adulthood.

Each of the 7 families consists of the following lengths: A 7 ft. roll up of the Ernest Dietrich Christian Family Tree

Ernest Sr. and Mary (WESTENFELD) HUMBKE – 3 ft 2 inches

Conrad and Catherine (HUMBKE) CONRADI – 9 inches.

Karl and Wilhelmine [Mina] (HUMBKE) CALLIES – 4 ft 5 inches.

Joe and Mary (HUMBKE) GEORGE – 5 ft  5 inches.

Dick and Hulda (WICKLAND) HUMBKE – 6 ft 10 in

Dave and Alvina (HUMBKE) FONTAINE

William and Emma (HUMBKE) HARRIS – 1 ft 6 in

I presently maintain a family tree on which contains 1,968 entries.

Most of my German entries came from Pastor Robert C. Greene (1938 to 2019) of Georgetown, Texas. Pastor Greene had well over a million entries in his family tree.

On behalf of all kin, I would like to thank Dennis George, Daniel Williams, and Pastor Robert C. Greene   for their efforts in researching our ancestors and the locations of presently living relatives.

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2 thoughts on “FAMILY TREES”

  1. Good afternoon Roger,

    So interesting to investigate the families past, exciting things can be found and one acquires a different perspective on the total.
    My parents wanted to investigate the Guillaume family of Papa. It is Huguenots but before that, they seem to have come from Germany. When I was 8 we went to Normandy and Bretagne to find the roots of the Guillaume’s. The search ended at approx 1600 as the archives were burned in a church fire.
    On Mother’s side, there is Polish, Friesian and even perhaps Spanish. In the beginning of 1600 when the 80-year war ended between Holland and Spain, in Friesland, the most northern province of Holland the name Alta appeared. In Spanish alta means high and for sure is not a Friesian word. Somebody got married so the surname stayed. Putting all this together I am quite a cocktail. Born in Australia by Dutch parents and having French, German, Polish and perhaps Spanish ancestors.
    I find it great you have made a website about your family, I am sure the following generations will find it fascinating to read about their family’s past.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske,

      It appears that you were evolved through your parents in finding out about your ancestors. Have you done any research in recent years?

      I find that not many relatives respond to my website, so it seems as if I am only doing it for myself. Worse yet they express no interest at all and it is hard to continue with the research. It is personally gratifying, but not enough to do as much writing as I had intended.


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