First lucid dream about Great-Uncle’s family – Dick & Hulda Humbke BLOG #17 Oct, 2, 2018

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What is amazing about this dream of Oct. 1, 2018 is that it was a lucid dream in which I realized I was dreaming and that all the characters and events were a compilation of my past plus what I have learned about the Dick and Hulda Humbke family.

I did have a vague awareness of Dick as my father’s Uncle, but do not consciously remember ever meeting him in person. In fact I am sure that we did meet and that he had a few kind words for his Grand nephew at one of the many family functions we attended.

I first really became aware of Dick’s past in early 2016 when I began doing research into Ernest Humbke Sr., my grandfather. My research started in 1999 with a family tree from Dan William (Dick’s grandson) which created in me a desire to know Dick as a living, breathing individual.

I had spent a day with Dick & Huld’s youngest son, Richard of Abbotsford, BC, in 1984 and since 2016 have talked a number of times by phone with his youngest daughter, Dorothy. I read newspaper clippings, heard family stories and studied many family photos over the past two years. For more details on the Dietrich “Dick” Frederick Ernest and Hulda Elizabeth (WICKLAND) HUMBKE family, you can go to Blog #12 at


In July of 1961 I finished one year of teacher training at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and now had a Jr, E certificate which allowed me to teach any subject to grades 1 to 9 in Alberta Schools. I had hitchhiked to Wetaskiwin, AB to meet my parents and 4 younger brothers, watch the Wetaskiwin yearly parade and take in the Fair.

I went to the Driard Hotel in Wetaskiwin and was having a beer with a man who worked for the Wetaskiwin Times Newspaper. I knew that I must be dreaming because I was only 17 years old at the time and the law, requiring individuals found in a beer parlour to be at least 21, was strictly enforced. The reporter asked if I knew any Humbke’s and I was about to say “Yes”, when some of Great-Uncle Dick’s children started coming into the beer parlour with their wives and children. It may have been 1961 in the dream but it was just like being in some present day pubs where families are allowed to bring in their children.


Being aware that I was in a dream, I wanted to meet everyone, take notes and was hoping somehow to take pictures. That did not happen – perhaps another time!

It was easy for me to recognize Humbke characteristics in their faces as I had been examining many old photos over the past two years. I was hoping to see Great-Uncle Dick, as I knew he would be 79 years old in 1961 and probably living in Wetaskiwin, but he did not attend.

I did see Fred (61 yrs old in 1961), Dick’s oldest son, along with his two sons (Stan 26 yr in 1961 and Leonard 24 yrs in 1961) who I easily recognized and talked with briefly.

As you probably realize, dreams can be very real and engaging, but they can also be illogical and difficult to remember in detail.

                                        B – Henry, Dorothy, Norma, Conrad, Myrtle, Florence & Fred   F. – Richard, Hulda, Dick, Elsie & Gordon.


Gordon (42 yrs at the time of the dream) and Henry (44 yrs) were also present and I was eager to hear about their experiences when they were in the Canadian army.but we never talked.

There were about 15 women and children there also and I did recognize a couple of Fred’s daughter, but we were only able to exchange recognizing glances.

I specifically looked for Dick & Huld”s youngest child, Richard, the only member of the family that I am aware of meeting in person. Back in 1984 when he was age 57 and I was 42, I had spent a full day talking with him at his home in Abbotsford, BC. His wife’s delicious Sunday meal, meeting a number of his family and the setting of their home around a small lake, still brings back fond memories. But I did not see him, probably because in 196 he was living in Abbotsford, BC. Most of the time, dreams seem to follow their own logic.

The other member of the family I looked for, but could not find was the youngest girl, Dorothy. Then I realized it was 1961 and Dorothy would have been 36 yrs old and living in North Carolina. She is still there living in her own home and very active on facebook. She often posts photos from her past.


For some reason, at this point I awoke, much to my disappointment. On reconsidering I was surprised and delighted that as much happened in the dream, as did. Dreaming has always been of interest to me, but I have had very limited success with Lucid Dreaming. It is only recently that I occasionally  realize that I am dreaming. The more I participate in our Edmonton Lucid Dreaming MEET-UP GROUP’S twice each month; work on this web site and do research – the more I remember and find value in both dreaming and lucid dreaming.

Dreams can be very real and engaging, but they can also be illogical and difficult to remember in detail. I believe that everything I have ever experienced in life is somewhere in my subconscious mind and with training it can be brought to conscious awareness through techniques like meditation, hypnosis and lucid dreaming.

Your Comments are very much appreciated!

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Author: Roger Humbke

I am multifarious, educator/facilitator/entrepreneur who has become more focused on learning new knowledge and skills required to research and write on my family's history. My goals also include developing new attitudes towards a senior's life and on-line business

8 thoughts on “First lucid dream about Great-Uncle’s family – Dick & Hulda Humbke BLOG #17 Oct, 2, 2018”

    1. Hi Dave,
      I especially appreciate the support of living relatives that I have met and those I hope to meet. Replying to blogs in the way you have just done results in additional recognition from google.

      Thanks again.

      Second Cousin Roger Humbke

  1. Mon 2018-10-15, 4:12 PM
    How interesting ! Many years ago I took a class on dreaming and have a book that I need to find and read again. I have some prophetic dreams and then some that reflect what is troubling me at the time and how to solve them. Oh yes and even Happy dreams. Please ‘look up’ about the Silva Method—and take the course if you can. It is truly life altering . It takes you out of the Beta level and down to where you can perceive the so called unknown, but not so deep that you enter the Delta level—-which is sleep level.
    I admire your quests and patience and diligence in the family History Blogs
    Happy dreaming Roger

    Your cousin Dorothy

    1. Really appreciated your comment.

      Being heavily involved in researching ancestors plus thinking about and writing about my experiences has no doubt been the main reason for more vivid dreaming about my ancestors. Presently I believe my dreams are coming from my subconscious, of which I would otherwise be unaware. So far I have found the experience more emotionally interesting and fulfilling than informative.

      In the 1960’s I was introduced to the Silvia Method and was closely involved with a group. I read books, listened to tapes and worked at acquiring skills in meditation, self-hypnosis and visualization.

      Your words prompted me to re-visit Silvia and I found this article helpful (

      Roger Humbke

  2. Your article is so interesting, I really enjoyed reading it. I have never experienced a lucid dream, in which I knew I was dreaming. I don’t know how that would feel, thinking about it just seems so weird. 

    I can sense that you are a very unique individual, with a very strong conscious. 

    I find your website so intriguing, you got me hooked, I’m hopping over to your other posts now to take a look at your other stories. 

    1. Joo,

      I really appreciate your interest and reply. I am 75 years old and none of the individuals (an email list of 100)  who hopefully read the regular blogs on have commented on this particular blog. has been strictly a passion with me for the past 2 1/2 years and I only recently made an attempt to monetize the site by referring to a book on Amazon. 

      The amount of work, time and money spent on a niche site is personally rewarding to the heart, but one also has to eat, so future site will have that in mind.



  3. This is definitely a very deep post, it is the first time I read something like that and I have to say that it has left me with my mouth open.

    I think that all or a few of us have used to go through these kinds of dreams, and as you say, although it seems that they really feel true, it is always difficult to try to remember details of the dream, sometimes they are important and sometimes not.

    Anyway, I hope you find more answers what you’re looking for, I really enjoy reading your article in a certain way.

    I wish you success.

    1. Thanks for the reply. 

      I have started to use supplements which I talk about on another site htpps:// and they have resulted in more vivid dreams, more often, but I am still struggling to get to a higher level of lucidity.


      Roger Humbke

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